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How to join HushCraft

Joining HushCraft is very simple!

Firstly, we will need to check if you have a compatible version of Minecraft. There are two base versions of the game. Bedrock, and Java Edition. If you already know which version you have, you may skip the next paragraph. If not, continue below!

The easiest way to know which version you have is by launching the game on your device (laptop/computer) and checking the text on the bottom left of the menu.

If your main menu looks like this with Mojang AB on the bottom left, you are not on a compatible version. You may buy Java Edition here.
Bedrock Edition Minecraft
If your main menu looks like this with Minecraft 1.18.1 or above on the bottom left, you are on a compatible version and can continue below.
Java Edition Minecraft

Assuming you own Java Edition Minecraft and verified with the pictures above, you can proceed by clicking the "Multiplayer" tab on the main menu.

After doing so, click "Add Server" on the bottom right. You will see two black boxes. "Server Name" and "Server Address". Server Name can be left alone, or renamed to whatever you'd like. For Server Address, enter the IP address "play.hushcraft.net" and click "Done" on the bottom.

There you go! Now you have added HushCraft to your Multiplayer list. You can connect by double clicking the server on your Multiplayer list, or by clicking it once and selecting "Join Server" on the bottom left.

If you still have connection issues, get in contact with our staff team by several different ways listed on the SUPPORT page on our website.