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About HushCraft

What is HushCraft?
HushCraft is a Survivor Multiplayer (SMP) Minecraft server that anyone with Java Edition can join!

How do I join?
You can check our Play page!

What's so special about HushCraft?
HushCraft is special because we care the most about our community! We use Discord to actively engage with everyone with polls, update logs, and other discussions regarding HushCraft. You will consistently see our staff making great effort to listen to others and take their feedback into consideration.

Is HushCraft P2W?
HushCraft is not pay to win. (How do you even win at survival?) The only thing we offer players to donate for with real cash is Tokens. Tokens are used to buy a small selection of items in the in-game store, accessible with /shop. There, you can find Ranks, Keys, Spawners, Pickaxes, and SafariNets. Tokens are also accessible with voting daily, and we are actively working on making a progressive Token reward for those that vote every day for a long period.